About Us

About Us

We focus on education, simple plan designs and an objective comparison of the options that are available to you!

When you request a quote your quote results are reviewed with you in a virtual meeting so you can address any questions or concerns up front.  If any changes need to be made to your quote we can make those changes with you live in real time, while viewing it on your computer screen.

We believe it’s important to review with you what your rights are, your options and what they cost.  We are compensated by the carrier you choose but are objective in making comparisons because our compensation does not differ between carriers.

The Long Term Care Lady(SM) is Florida based but licensed in multiple states.  We work with your other professional advisors (Financial Advisor/Planner, CPA, Attorney) when appropriate in designing a plan right for you and/or your business.

Our mission is to provide multiple resources with a focus on education first, giving consumers, both individual and businesses, access to objective Long Term Care education, planning tools, facts and choices.  Our goal is to remove apprehension of affordability or complexity to provide everyone the ability to finance long term care in advance, in part or in whole,  so they can enjoy peace of mind about the future and have the money to access and afford quality care, to protect assets and income, not be a burden on others and family, and to maintain independence and dignity.

We aspire to provide excellent service, helpful advice, and valuable resources to educate consumers and businesses. When creating long term care plans we ask questions, listen to your needs or family concerns, and then use our expertise to design the most affordable plan that’s right for you.  Please look through our site and contact us with any questions . . .

The Long Term Care Lady is here to help!

Long Term Care Lady Team

'The Long Term Care Lady' team appreciation luncheon recently at Veranda Restaurant, Fort Myers, Florida. From L to R: Julie Tatgenhorst, Marketing Admin.; Janet Washburn, The Long Term Care Lady; Carolyn (Bunny) Belden, B2B Specialist; and Kathy Stumpf, New Client Coordinator.

Why Do We Represent So Many Insurance Carriers?

I sometimes hear from people new to considering Long Term Care Insurance that “all insurance companies are the same.”  However, this is not true.  Each of them has carved out a portion of the market through their underwriting guidelines, which is the process by which your health history is measured for risk.  Sometimes differences between carrier’s underwriting can differ greatly.

Also, many carriers may seem on the surface seem to offer exactly the same type of policy design at a similar price but underneath there are distinct differences, such as how the long term care policy benefits are triggered, how expensive one may be to operate, how an optional rider can save you out-of-pocket expenses, etc. all the way down to discounts!  Depending on the state of residence and health history, at times I can be researching 8 or 9 carriers just for one client.

If someone has made application to a carrier and was declined, it is many times because of the underwriting differences.  I know this from my experience of many times being able to help someone who’s been declined actually obtain coverage from a different carrier.  Often, it was the consumer who decided to just call on their friendly local insurance agent or financial advisor that happens to have one or two long term care insurance plans available to them, again assuming they are all the same, or just basing the decision on price and not understanding what’s inside the policy and how it works.

We have a diverse portfolio of products because we want to have something for just about everyone, no matter what your budget, your family dynamic, needs or health history.

Why Work With an Experienced Long Term Care Insurance Specialist?


Since 1997, The Long Term Care Insurance Lady, has specialized in the long term care industry, and has experience assisting her clients on claim and their families through that trying time, as well as having cared for her own mother keeping that promise not to put her in a nursing home.  This ‘real world’ experience gives The Long Term Care Lady a deeper understanding than many other financial services professionals.  And The Long Term Care Ladyand her husband own long term care insurance herself and went through the same decisions about how to choose the right policy and deciding how much coverage is enough.

Knowledge is Power & Research.

Screening carriers for underwriting practices, reserves, financial stability and experience in the industry plus claims paying history is, of course, important.  But many well-known insurance company names that you might be familiar with may not necessarily be a solid leader in the long term care insurance industry.  Or if they have participated in the industry, may not really have shown a commitment by way of their pricing policies and outdated policy designs which can be expensive to operate.

Keeping up on industry and carrier changes can be a challenge, that’s why many agents and financial advisors represent only one or a couple of insurance carriers.

As Long Term Care Insurance Specialists, The Long Term Care Lady and her team have extensive knowledge and demonstrated a commitment to continuous, related education and updates within this ever-changing industry.


Our focus is on YOU and what you need or desire.  We don’t drop names of our carriers to impress and our compensation does not differ if we recommend one carrier versus another, nor do we have any financial ties to any carrier, which a majority of insurance marketing organizations do.  You’ll soon realize as you work with us that we truly have your best interests at heart.

Long Term Care Planning has become a very specialized area of practice.  We are considered Trusted Advisors and are sought after as speakers in your communities and are considered experts in our field with a reputation for doing what’s right for our clients.  Local accountants, financial planners, estate planning and elder law attorneys use us a preferred resource for their clients’ long term care planning needs.

Did you know ? . . .  The Long Term Care Lady is a former financial planner and columnist and was invited as an expert panelist on the PBS television show, 21st Century Health Care for Seniors, was appointed to serve on a national LTC Task Force and was an instructor for the Women and Money insurance series for the University of Florida extension service?  Visit her LinkedIn profile.

How Can You Work with The Long Term Care Lady ?

The Long Term Care Lady believes in education first and foremost.  This is a two-sided topic to be sure!  Not only do you, of course, want to learn about your options and what they cost, but in order to be able to answer those and many more questions, we will need to learn about your situation and your health.

We have developed an efficient pre-screening process, without your commitment or obligation, which includes an overview of your health history and situation.  We then only look to the carriers who’s underwriting guidelines are a good match to your health history.  That way we’re not going to show you ultra low rates for which you’d never qualify.  During our research for the appropriate plans, we are focused 100% on YOU and what YOU want from your long term care insurance plan, such as requests like: “I want a plan that provides as much home care possible,” or “I want a plan that will pay for my daughter to help care for me” and even “If I don’t use all my long term care benefit I want my spouse to inherit it.”  By the way, we really are objective working on your behalf because our compensation does not differ by recommending one insurance carrier or plan over another.

Fill out a Request for a Webinar Consultation and we can meet virtually if you’d like.  Or we can have just an old-fashioned conversation about what’s important to you.  While you are waiting for us to contact you, we’ll send you a complimentary book we’ve published on Amazon, an $8.95 value, so you can start on your long term care education!