Client Stories

Client Stories

Hear from some of our clients who, just like you, had concerns. A collection of videos and letters.

Below is a sampling of some of the kind of letters and testimonials The Long Term Care Lady, Janet Washburn, receives from her clients. These are provided with permission.

“Long term care insurance is not a luxury – this insurance is a necessity. Janet Washburn helped make a difficult subject easier to discuss.” – R & M Grzywinski

“Without your easy-to-understand explanations, we would still be reading about LTC and not understanding any of it. Thanks again!” – B & E Schmidt

“When we were shopping for LTC insurance we were having difficulty finding a policy because of my husband’s health issues. You have been so helpful with your knowledge for LTC in helping us decide what to do, as well as, your precedence in being able to bring insurance to Jim when he was at first turned down. You were a champion in fighting for us to help get exactly the right policy for what we needed. Many thanks.” – J & G Rohland

“We had been considering LTC for some time, but it was not until we had an interview with you that it made good sense. You answered our questions very well giving us a better understanding of the benefits to us and our family. Thank you for your professional job.” – B & S Huey

“We have found Janet to be the most knowledgeable agent in LTC insurance that we have talked to. She is very patient in explaining the different coverage and answered all of our questions. She seemed genuinely interested in getting the right and affordable plan for us, even recommending a creative approach.” – P & G Gebhardt

“Your presentation, follow up and ability to answer all the questions we have confronted you with has been a very pleasant experience. Your expertise in this field is outstanding and we will, and do, highly recommend you.” G & L Fagen

“I was offered many options and discounts through my associations. I went with Janet Washburn, my local agent, who was very helpful in my decision with detail and individual needs. She was very articulate and knowledgeable and was not badgering or pushing me.” – Dr. & J Heald

“In my comparison of policies I was searching for the best products at the best prices. Janet Washburn helped me lock into the perfect policy and even my financial representative couldn’t touch it. She took great care to explain everything completely to both my wife and me, and I really appreciated that.” – A. Behrens

“I first learned about Janet Washburn as a referral from a friend who had been very satisfied with Janet’s long term care insurance services. I am grateful for that friend and that referral. My major benefit from dealing with Janet Washburn is peace of mind. At age 68 my husband I are thinking about our future and wanted to make sure we would be financially taken care of. We researched the LTC insurance market carefully and of all the people we talked to, Janet was the best qualified and the most knowledgeable as far as we were concerned. Now it is my turn to recommend Janet Washburn to others and I tell my friends that she is one agent who really knows how to take care of her clients.” – C. Camp

“The benefit I received from doing business with Janet Washburn is that she helped me put my long term care insurance policy planning into place. I now have a real feeilng of security for my future. I value Janet’s business sense, her ability and her intellect. In addition, I appreciate the fact that she continues to follow-up and check in with me from time to time. I trust Janet so much that I have actually recommended my friends to her. I would only do this because I found her to be so honest and professional in her business conduct.” – V. Davis

“When I was shopping around to purchase LTCI, I happened to run across Janet Washburn. Quite frankly, I was impressed by her knowledge and liked that she was not pushy. I get turned off by pushy insurance salespeople. What I did get from dealing with Janet was the comfort in knowing that the policy we settled on is the right one for me. It is important to know that I won’t have to dig into my principal that I intend instead to pass down to my children. If someone were to ask me if I got good value for my dollar by dealing with Janet Washburn, I would say positively ‘yes!’ She keeps in contact and I’ve referred 2-3 of my clients to her and they have all been impressed.” – K. Crist, Accountant

“My husband and I really did our homework looking for just the right insurance representative to help us with our long term care insurance needs. After all, insurance is expensive, and you’ve got to find an honest person to help you get the right policy at the right price. We found that right person when we met Janet Washburn. She really knew what she was talking about and took all the time we needed to answer every question we had. I just know that if I were ever left alone and had to take care of these things myself, that Janet Washburn would understand and would be there to help me. You can’t ask for anything more than that. I would recommend Janet Washburn to any senior and encourage you to give her a call and see for yourself how much value, integrity and expertise she can bring to help you with your retirement planning needs.” – H. Burns