Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid

In this article, look for Medicare and Medigap Plan chart below, link to download the 2010 Medicare & You guidebook, a movie clip from AARP President and links to Florida Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Agents.

The landscape of U.S. Government provided programs is changing (donut hole, no donut hole) and many are concerned about the future and whether the government will be able to continue to provide at the current levels.  Change is on the horizon with $15 billion in reductions phased in over the next ten years (started 2009)  in Medicare benefits overall including those skilled facility care benefits.  Many Americans incorrectly believe that Medicare will cover a majority of Long Term Care costsAARP President discusses in this short MOVIE that the cost of one year of Long Term Care can be the same as four years of college! 

So in addition to planning for long term care expenses, many people we talk with, clients included, have mentioned they are concerned there’s a possibility that we may also have to cover more of the costs for our regular medical care, even while on Medicare.   In fact as recent as mid-2010 after Health Care Reform took hold, I have heard from several of my clients that the follow-up colonoscopy they assumed would be paid for by Medicare, isn’t!  Also, see Filling in the Gaps of Medicare.

So what will Medicare and Medicaid look like in the year 2040? We do not know, so to be prudent, we can only plan with the information we have today.  To be safe, we should not wait for government programs to appear or improve, either.  Planning for Long Term Care, TODAY, is essential. 

What is the best age to get your long term care policy?  Your current age!  Did you know that every 10 years you wait to apply and lock in your premium, the published premiums will be at least double?  Sharing what you learn here on this website with those you care about, is also essential, because they should not be left in a lurch unprepared, either.

Oh yeah, and about the donuts and donut holes . . . If you don’t know what that means, that tells us you don’t own a Medicare supplemental plan of some sort or are a younger reitree.  So, don’t worry, because by the time you retire and have to give up your current employer sponsored health insurance, more than likely government sponsored programs will have changed a few times over!

For your convenience, we have for you a complimentary copy of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid 2010 Choosing a Medigap Policy guidebook.

Link to PDF:  2010 Medicare & Medicaid Guide, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services


Medicare 2010 (Parts A, B & Medigap Plans)

Original Medicare is a government health insurance program rpimarily for people age 65 and older.  It has four main parts:  A, B , C & D.  The charte below is an example of how Parts A & B work together with a traditional Medicare supplement also known as a “Medigap Plan.”


Handy Medicare 2010 comparison chart

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